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Today,   do you know that the toilet seat also plays an important role? ?  toilet has become the standard for every decoration. Everyone has their own experience when choosing a toilet, but the more agreed factors are the price and the appearance .
What are the materials use to produce  the toilet covers?
The material of the toilet cover is basically plastic, wood, bamboo, urea-formaldehyde cover, stone, acrylic. Among them, the most common toilet cover in the market is an acrylic cover plate, which has the advantages of long-lasting moisture and acid resistance, long service life, bright colors, easy maintenance and cleanliness, and scrubbing with soap or a soft cloth.
Another urea-formaldehyde cover is used by a large number of people. The advantages are good texture, high hardness, firmness and durability, and it is not easy to scratch. Of course, the price is higher than that of BYK.
The third commonly used cover material is PVC sheet, which is commonly known as PP sheet. The biggest advantage lies in the price, which is the cheapest among the three.

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