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Hardware is the most inconspicuous item in fitting-out projects, but it has the most categories and materials that are most likely to cause problems. On the one hand, the variety of hardware products on the market is dazzling and uneasy. On the other hand, due to the fact that the renovation hardware is mostly low-value products, people generally pay attention to prices and rarely study
1, Hinge
The current hinge generally has two card slots and three card slots, which can basically meet the needs of use. Of course, the three-point card hinge has better hinges.
The hinged steel is the most important thing. If it is not selected well, after a period of time, the door panel may tilt forward and slip backwards. Most of the brand's cabinet hardware uses cold-rolled steel, and its thickness and toughness are perfect.
In addition, multiple-positioning hinges should be selected as much as possible. The so-called multi-point positioning means that the door panel can stay at any angle when it is opened, the opening will not be laborious, and it will not be shut down suddenly, thus ensuring the safety of use, which is particularly important for lifting cabinet doors. Positioning is related to the resilience of reeds used in hardware accessories. The quality of the reeds also determines the opening angle of the door. Good reeds can make the opening angle exceed 90 degrees.
In the frequent switching process of cabinet doors, hinges are the most tested. Not only does it need to accurately connect the cabinet and the door, but it also has to bear the weight of the door alone, and it must also maintain the orderly appearance of the door, without distortion. Most of the hinges currently seen on the market are detachable, and are divided into two parts: a base and a buckle. When selecting a cabinet, a salesman may be required to remove the door together with a hinged buckle to check the inside of the buckle.
2, slide
(1) Features
The inside of the slide rail, which cannot be seen by the naked eye, is its bearing structure, and this part directly relates to its bearing capacity. At present, there are both steel ball slides and silicon wheel slides on the market. The former automatically removes dust and dirt on the slide rails by rolling the balls, so as to ensure the cleanliness of the slide rails, without affecting the sliding function due to dirt entering the interior. At the same time, the steel ball can spread the force around, ensuring the stability of the drawer horizontally and vertically. The debris generated during the long-term use and friction of the silicon wheel slide is snow flakes, and can also be brought up by rolling, which also does not affect the sliding of the drawer.
(2) Select
The drawer is an integral part of the kitchen equipment, and the most important part of the entire drawer is the slide. Due to the special environment of the kitchen, the low quality slide feels good even in the short term. Difficulties. When selected, the drawer can be completely withdrawn, the structure of the drawer can be clearly seen from the bottom and the specific structure of the part in contact with the slide rail, and the thickness of the drawer side panel can also be observed.
3, pull the basket
(1) Features
Pull baskets are generally made of stainless steel, chrome and paint. Pull baskets can provide a larger storage space, and can use a basket to reasonably separate the space, so that all kinds of items and utensils get their own. According to different uses, the pull basket can be divided into basket pull baskets, pull baskets on three sides, drawer pull baskets, ultra-narrow pull baskets, deep pull baskets, and corner pull baskets.
The addition of baskets and shelves in cabinets is a good way to increase the efficiency of the use of cabinets. According to their own habits, the owner can divide the kitchen utensils and cutlery into grids that are both hygienic and clear. Rotary racks make every space a good use. Instead of stretching your arms, you can easily turn them around, even if the innermost items can be immediately presented to the owner. Fruits and vegetables can be placed on the rotating grid.
(2) Select
Select the basket to pay attention to the following points
1) The pull basket is generally tailored to the size of the cabinet, so the cabinet size provided must be accurate.
2) The welding spot of the pull basket should be full and there is no welding.
3) Pull the surface of the basket to be smooth, feel comfortable and free of burrs.
4) The most important point in choosing a basket is to not use chrome as a stainless steel.
4, pressure device
(1) Features
In the cabinet hardware accessories, apart from the slide rails, the drawers and hinges closely related to them, there are also many pneumatic and hydraulic device hardware. These fittings are produced in response to evolving cabinet design methods, and are mainly used for flip-top doors and vertical lift doors. Some devices have three or even more braking positions, also known as "free to stop."
(2) Select
The relatively flexible air pressure device maintains a certain distance between the cabinet's panel and the cabinet, and provides a strong support for the panel. The triangular base makes the bracket more stable. The smooth and comfortable support allows the door panel to rise vertically in parallel, and it feels very light when pulled, as if there was no resistance. Cabinets with this type of device are very suitable for the elderly.

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