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What are the instructions that you can give us for maintaining hardware accessories ?

1. The place where the hardware accessories have water stains should be wiped in time to avoid rusting of cabinet hardware accessories;
2. The hinges and drawer slides of hardware accessories should be frequently oiled to keep the opening and closing smooth;
3. It's best to hang things on the handle, especially if it's heavy or wet. If the handle is loose, you can use a screwdriver to screw the screw on the back of the door.
4. When the door panel is not neat or loose, the hinge can be adjusted. The hinges currently used in the market can generally be adjusted in three dimensions.
Use note:
1. Do not sprinkle oil and salt vinegar and other items on the hardware. If you accidentally spill it, wipe it off with a dry rag.
2. Those large cabinet hardware fittings such as baskets and baskets that are tall, should be opened along the direction of opening and closing, and should not be forced to push and pull;
3, the switch of the drawer should not be too hard, otherwise the slide can be easily knocked off the track by being hit hard;
4. The hinges of cabinet doors must be oiled regularly to ensure smooth opening and closing and ensure no rust.

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