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China's furniture hardware industry entered the era of major


With the prosperity of the furniture industry, the furniture hardware industry will also enter a more perfect new field, develop new products with high-tech content, and satisfy people with the need to enjoy high-quality food.
 Reviewing the development process of several typical furniture hardware products at home in recent years
1. Hidden door hinge
The earliest thrown hinge was the outer spring dumpling chain. 
This hinge had some drawbacks: 
a. The outer spring sheet easily broke off and wounded;
 b. The hinge cup was plastic injection molded and was not firm.
c. When the door was closed, Impact will occur, especially glass doors, and danger will occur. 
d. The aging of the hinge cup greatly affects its service life. After the development of the inner spring hinge, it avoids the problem of spring detachment, but still does not solve the impact of the closed door. 
The two-section force hinge developed in the last year or two, the hinge cup changed to steel or alloy, completely avoided the above problems, can be stopped at any position, only when the closing to the final 15 degrees or so, the spring will start to work, gently close the door The service life is more than 100,000 times.
2, door accessories
The earliest incarnation was a simple trick. the wheels were all directly injection moulded, the tracks were extruded, the adjustment was extremely unfavorable, there was noise during use, and the plastics easily ageed, affecting the lifespan, and replacing it was a bearing instead of a plastic wheel reduces noise, but it is not enough to carry the load. It cannot be installed on a large closet door. In addition, a heavy-duty hanging door has been developed. This type of sliding door fittings has both noise and weight. With great improvement, it is light, smooth, and no-noise when it is sporty. It can be compared with imported quality products.
3, drawer slide
The earliest furniture was no slide rails. When it was used, it was powerful, loud, and it slipped out easily, causing danger. Today's furniture is generally used for supporting the bottom of the drawer slide, push and pull a smooth, lightweight, and can automatically close, prevent the outward slide. The styles developed include ball slides, side plate slides, and bottom hidden slides.


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