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Influence of Hardware Accessories on Furniture Taste


Nowadays, home life is more and more important to individuals, and the requirements for home comfort are getting higher and higher. Nowadays, the lazy style of life that people hope will require more and more humanized and intelligent hardware. The status of hardware in the home is so important, but the domestic high-end home hardware market and the profitable brand market are mostly occupied by imported hardware companies. Major well-known brand furniture and cabinet hardware accessories are basically imported hardware companies such as Blum, Hettich and other European companies swept, using the hardware accessories of Germany or Italy became the biggest selling point of furniture after the plate.
According to the experts of the unification international home, taking the furniture industry, the quality and grade of furniture are mainly reflected in the selection of hardware accessories. Inconvenient use of furniture, to a large extent, is due to the improper selection or lack of hardware accessories. In the industry, it is often said: "As long as there are corresponding hardware accessories, very complex multifunctional furniture can be produced.
Industry sources said that the value of hardware accessories in furniture accounted for 5%, but the operating comfort accounted for 85%. The importance of hardware accessories in furniture can be seen. Home hardware can be divided into general and special categories according to the settings. The former includes hinges, hinges, slides, etc. The latter includes bathroom hardware and kitchen accessories. Among them, hinges, slide rails, hinges and locks are used most frequently in life and are therefore more important. In recent years, due to the continuous improvement of consumer demand, greater demands and higher requirements have been placed on hardware accessories.

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